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A Quick Guide On Growing Your Following

A short to-do list for building your account to 1000+ followers


– Twitter Basics

– Designing Your Landing Page

– From 0 to 100 Followers

– From 100 to 1000 Followers

– From 1000 to Beyond

Twitter Basics

Someone with a far larger audience than me once gave me some great advice on how they built their audience to about 50 thousand followers and it went something like this – 

Your profile is like a station or tv network. People will tune in to your station if aligns with their current interests. So for your station to do well (and grow to a large following), it needs to be focused on some very specific niches that resonate with a large group of people.

Some common niches to get you started:

– Crypto

– Stocks

– Politics

– Health

– Fitness

– Technology

It doesn’t matter what you choose but try to explore your specific niches and evaluate the size of the potential audience. It is easier finding more people interested in crypto trading than wooden duck carving (at least we think so but could be wrong).

You should also be interested in it yourself as to build the brand you will need to be consistently creating content that centers around your niches. If you don’t have a passion for it, you will eventually get bored writing about it. You can find accounts all over Twitter where someone did something for some time and then just went inactive because they got bored writing about “their niches.”

Designing Your Landing Page

Your landing page or Twitter Page needs to concisely describe what your account is all about.

One of my favorites is Andrew Tate’s @OfWudan. Anyone who drops by this page knows that Andrew is one of the alphas of Twitter and his account speaks this in volumes within a few seconds.  

It is unlikely that as you are building your brand from scratch that you will have quite as compelling of a profile but in your journey of building your profile, this could be a goal of yours. Though it would be more focused on your niches. 

From 0 to 100 Followers

It is always the hardest to get started.
There are lots of things you can do to kick start the process such as joining an engagement group or bringing in some of your friends from your real life or whatnot.

The reality here is that if you are joining groups for follow-backs, you have to realize that most of these follow will likely not last over time and this method of building an account does not scale past the 100 mark.

I always recommend for people to find people of similar size and interests and start building those meaningful relationships. Follow these slightly larger accounts, interact with them through their posts and add value. Many accounts will like and retweet larger accounts but really to get followers, you need the relationship and need to bring value to it.

From 100 to 1000 Followers

Now that you have a small following and are adding some value, you need to get on the radar of a big account or two. 40-50k followers with a large number of likes and retweets per post. 

Be wary of some accounts that have large follower counts but get very little engagement when they post as this may be an indicator of fake followers and won’t do anything for your growth. 

For the accounts, you want to focus on, turn on notifications so that you get notified when they post. When they do, try to add value and improve the message they are trying to send. 

This will lead to either you getting a retweet or retweet with a positive comment from these accounts or other accounts following them, you can almost guarantee a few new followers if a large enough account shares your content with a positive comment.

Consistency is key here. 

Consistently engage with their content, add value and be patient. 

From 1000 To Beyond

As you get more experienced in communicating on Twitter and grow in your specific niches, you will see a lot of natural growth. 

But some key things to keep in mind once you are at this point:

– Your message should be consistent

– The delivery of your content should be consistent

– Always add value

– Building meaningful relationships

– Focus on organic growth